Graphic Design

It’s more than 5 years now since we’ve been working in the spheres of design, the Internet projects and advertisements. Our main work-streams are: websites development and promotion and graphic design. We just not only draw the pictures, write the texts and programme codes, but we also try to find the most handy and suitable answer to the tasks were being set. On our sites we don’t have pages that are «in the works» and don’t have pictures from image banks.

«I was very glad to work with them from the very first meeting. Ideas were grasped in a single flash, several variants of sketches to choose from, absolute sense of our museum life specificity. Web developers have thought every detail over very properly.»
Natalya Pavlichkova

Everybody faces a design activity in different spheres of our life. Bright illustrations and pictures are required not only for the sites. Capabilities of our professionals are not limited. We are ready to generate a special creative comp or illustration for you whether it's a picture for your T-shirt, an aerography for your car or bright and sticking to everybody's memory poster board.

Corporate style, logo design, brand book development.

Design of graphic product.

Multimedia presentations.

Postcards, posters, booklets, business cards, brand-name packets, calendars.

Design of exterior advertising.

Designing of shopping spaces.